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Longterm success is based on trust

In this seminar you will experience communication amongst horses of a natural herd in a natural environment. You will learn about interactions between humans and horses , and how these new perceptions can get projected into your professional and private life.

For a domestic horse there is no greater fear than that of failing whilst attempting to communicate.

You may find interesting parallels in human to horse relationships versus human to human relationships.

The horse being a flight animal is the perfect mirror for everyone; during a session it shows the capacity to reflect a very sensitive part of human nature.

The famous behavioural catalogue (horse communication rules) gives us an idea on how fast and painless we may reach longterm stable solutions and sound cooperations.

We focus on the following:

How do I find satisfying solutions in conflict situations, and how do I encourage readiness for cooperation and communication.
Leading at distance, leading close. How do I feel creating distance? Am I capable to do it without exaggerating?
How do I convince in the leading position?