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Nina Husmann

During the past 10 years

I have worked intensely with all sorts of animals while I lived in Switzerland and Spain. Apart from my function as a trekking guide and riding teacher in different horse breeding centers in Switzerland and in the tourism sector in Spain, I assisted horse veterinaries and veterinaries at an animal clinic in routine treatments and operations.

Interested profoundly in the background of communication between animals and humans, I dedicated some two to three years to the study of ethology and behavioural therapy.

Upon completion of my studies in Hamburg in 2007, I conducted first therapeutic treatments of animals displaying behavioural problems.

In order to understand the complex animal behavioural theory it is inevitable and highly informative to study wildlife; I thus continued my career in South Africa. The topics were ‚management of natural parks and ecologic coherences’, followed by an internship in the botanic gardens and wildlife park Gibraltar, and in the wildlife zoo Jimena in Spain.

In 2012, I completed a certified training programme with the Association of Horse Assisted Education in Germany. In the same year I started the master programme in Environmental Development and Technics in Switzerland.

While living in Switzerland now I do maintain my private and business network in Spain.

The implementation of the communication workshop is given roughly. There will be a workshop in spring and also in autumn.