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Values – Goals


The horse has an enormous potential to show the human her/his characteristics.

If we are ready for commitment a large field of options with subtle possibilities to communicate will open up.
Authentic guidance is given when the horse accepts a person as a leader in a moment of true and really authentic personal behaviour – devoid of deception and illusion.

We take the chance to learn from animals; we experience the horses’ communication skills through exercises such as:

-              stepping outside the comfort zone

-              self-reflection

-              accepting support, teamwork

-              body language (invitation to play)

-              getting to know our own skills

-              setting signs, reading signs (responding to pressure)

-              questionning: success as a team – where does it start? How is it measured?

-              studying the herd’s behavioural pattern – parallels to human group dynamics example: ethogram wild horse

-              convincing leadership


Target group:

Ambitious people with a keen sense for nature and communication;

People interested in experiencing a different kind of team-building and guidance.


No previous experience with horses needed!