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Workshop destination

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The workshop destination of Spain:

Tarifa – Spain

At the very southern point of Europe there is a town named Tarifa. The distance between Morocco, on the African continent, and Europe is only about 14 kms. Nowhere else is Europe closer to Africa than here. Tanger on the Moroccan side is a much admired excursion destination. Don’t forget to bring along your passport.

The short distance between the continents make this region a considerable and important migration route for birds. Over 200 migratory bird species are using this passage for changing their habitat. The concurrence of the mass of water from one side, i.e. from the Atlantic, and on the other side from the Mediterranean Sea lead to an extraordinary oecosystem. Amongst other species popular inhabitants in these regions are dolphins ans whales.

Tarifa offers many cultural attractions during weekends and during high season.

Of course, Tarifa provides a lot more than that. Sweet coffee shops, romantic patios, exhibitions, stage shows, street artists, public readings and concerts.